Simon Jenkins Profile

As a young boy, Simon Jenkins was torn between carpentry and catering. Thankfully, he followed his heart and pursued a career in catering. Today, he’s one of the finest pastry consultants around, known as the Pastry Professor for his truly superb sweet treats.

He began training in the catering industry to learn all aspects from waiter skills to essential kitchen skills. After leaving college he decided a career in patisserie was the path for him, having developed a passion for the intricacy and the technical skill required, which he found so much more rewarding than savoury cooking.

Simon’s dedication, skill and hunger for knowledge in the years that followed saw him work with some of the most highly regarded and similarly passionate chefs, including John Burton-Race, Raymond Blanc, Michel Roux and Gordon Ramsay.

Simon now runs his own successful consultancy / advisory business, in the UK and Internationally. He also carries out demonstrations and teaches, as well as being involved in judging for different industry awards. He’s won several medals at Hotel Olympia for sugar centrepieces and has had many dishes and recipes published in various cookbooks.  

Simon recognises that there is a massive need to pass on his knowledge and develop the skills of not only this generation of pastry chefs but the next. It’s his dream to establish a pastry school where he can lead this mission to build a centre of excellence for pastry skills. Yes there are other schools out there but Simon’s vision is to supplement skills training with the operational insight he has gained from assisting some of the world’s high profile sites. Each experience has been challenging but has made him fully understand that the needs of an operator must be carefully married with the artistic fulfilment of being able to express his craft

Website: www.snjpatisserie.co.uk

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: https://twitter.com/pastryprofessor
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_pastryprofessor