Park House Breakfast

Welcome to a Park House Breakfast

Hi, it’s so nice to welcome you into our home. You’re lucky it’s Saturday morning because we have the time to cook a ‘proper’ breakfast as my Mum would say; not grabbing something to eat in the car or a so-called ‘healthy’ snack that probably has more harmful things in it that a lovely thick slice of toast with Butter and jam!

Well, at home, on a Saturday morning, it’s more like a hotel than a family home because everyone wants something different and they usually get it! Chris loves to play the chef when he can. He says it’s his therapy. He will go missing in the supermarket and I will usually find him either at the cheese counter or where ‘flavours of the world’ are placed; usually all the things that no one else buys.

This morning we are in for a treat, because Chris came home early yesterday and we went shopping together. We managed to get some of those fabulous Croissants that we all love from the little pastry shop that we are lucky still arrives in our town. I hope it survives but they have such a good following for celebration cakes and they try really hard to tempt people to go in every week with these lovely pastries and breads. I hope people will realise that if you don’t use it you lose it, so we make a point of going in every week.

James is still in bed and I must save him an Almond Croissant before they all go.

Chris loves Eggs Benedict but he has to have Smokey Bacon with his and definitely lots of Hollandaise. He always says he as misread the recipe as he make so much of it but there is never any left. Too many calories for me though and I would not enjoy Dinner if I had a cooked Breakfast, so for me Chris has made ‘Overnight Oats’ as my ‘healthy option’. He says it is cold Porridge but I have heard it is the next new thing, so I am trying it. I hope the fruit helps!

Oliver is cooking his own. Hi did not get in until 3.30 a.m. but as he is going off early this afternoon with his friends to a Birthday Party somewhere, he up ridiculously early for him, cooking himself a Full English with a twist. He has his own Frying Pan and he cooks it all in the one pan, which he loves eating of and no one must touch. Today’s twist on the Full English is the addition of Chorizo sausages which Chris had left over from last night’s attempt at his own version of Paella. I must admit the smell of Smokey Bacon is very hard to resist but I must be strong! This cold Porridge is lovely.

Overnight Oats
Eggs benedict
Full English with Chorizo

Alex is pretending to be indignant at the smell of Smokey Bacon as she is trying to be a Vegetarian. She has flirted with being a Vegan but I think she found it too hard to stick to.  I think she can best be described as a Flexitarian (I am sure I have read it correctly in a magazine) as am fairly sure the prawns she had in Dad’s Paella last night, stull qualify as ‘non-vegetable’. Anyway, her Breakfast order this morning was for Protein Pancakes. I think it is just normal pancakes with Peanut Butter and Blueberries but it looks lovely and I should have had those. I think my Overnight Oats have grown since they were put in front of me but I am determined to finish them.

Chris knows I love Coffee and although mine is usually of the latte variety, he has very thoughtfully bought me a present of his favourite new gadget to try out. It is a ‘Pour over Coffee stand’. I was sceptical at first but I really like it. There is a hint of ceremony about the making of it that you just don’t get in my local coffee shop, which by the way has decided to stop issuing napkins or a saucer with my latte (for safety reasons!).

We always put out too much food.  It’s a Saturday morning tradition and the one time mostly everyone is here before they disappear off into their own worlds. It will all get eaten as Grannie Annie and Grumps pop round after they have roused themselves and they usually time this for the end of Breakfast, which reminds me, I must hide one of the Almond Croissants for James before they arrive.

See you at lunch!


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