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Finding the perfect style for your Christmas entertaining can be a delicious challenge. Do you stick to traditional or do you go with something much more contemporary. Well, whichever you choose, there is only one rule you can’t break. It has to be stunning!

We live in world of instgrammable food, interiors and lifestyle. Chefs and restaurateurs have to cope with this all the time; but at home, at Christmas, is this really necessary?? My prediction is that this will be the biggest year yet for Social Media posts of Christmas tables, laden with amazing food, beautifully organised place settings and gorgeous centrepieces. So I am afraid you are going to have to ditch those old serving dishes, along with the plates from 3 different sets and get thinking about your discovering your Christmas style.

I know Christmas is all about tradition but that doesn’t mean it has to be predicable. White always looks stunning but it doesn’t have to be boring. Here are a couple of suggestions that show how white can be used to amazing effect with enough interest in the detail to frame the food, while looking stunning in its own right. Chefs use this way to ‘dress’ their food all the time. Watch out for it the next time you visit your favourite restaurant. As you can see with our images, they photograph beautifully, whatever food you put on them.


Although the patterns on the rim of the plate in the 2 images we have chosen, look different, they echo the same style without being ‘matchy-matchy’. It will look like you have really thought through your style and you are aiming for a sophisticated yet individual take on ‘traditional’. These plates are not just for Christmas but will look amazing all year round.

You can then add a real twist by using a dramatic black plate for dessert. Black is a neutral canvas which really shows off bright colours to great effect.

This dessert is the best Custard Tart I have ever eaten but the touches of colour turn it into a show-stopper that you can recreate at home. Just use garnishes which pick up jewel colours or echo your table theme colour and you will amaze your guests. Try edible flowers or gold leaf for a sensationally opulent touch.

To dress your table, you can choose to pick up an accent colour, like purple, as your dinnerware is neutral; and mix with gold tones to add that sense of occasion. We have a beautifully lustrous mirror cutlery range that has a real wow factor.

Continue the luxury feel by adding glassware that evokes a more decadent time but is one of our most popular mixologists’ choices.

Finish the table with linen napkins and a centrepiece to pick up your theme colours and you will be ready for that close-up.

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