Celebrate in style with

a Hue of blue

For those who are keen to achieve a contemporary look why not pick up richer tones that can be achieved with on-trend stoneware. We have worked with some of the best ceramicists in the world to bring you the most incredible reactive-glazed stoneware. A reactive glaze means that no two plates are the same as the glaze reacts differently in the kiln each time and on each plate. The tones can be anything from muted, earthy tones, to vibrant and even metallic colours.

Stoneware may seem an odd choice to achieve a contemporary look but some of the best restaurants use these stoneware plates to achieve just that. The tones in the glaze provide either a dynamic, contrasting effect, or a subtle complimentary look.

In our selection here, we have chosen to start the meal with a bang, using a blue-glazed plate which contrasts with the salmon brilliantly. You will certainly make sure your starter grabs the attention and appears on Social Media quicker than you can pull a cracker. Theme your table in silver and white and it will look amazing. And don’t think you will never use this plate again, because not only will it look fantastic with fish, it looks equally good with desserts.

For the main course, you will need to keep this more neutral as the meal will normally have so many elements on the plate that you don’t want it to be fighting against the food. I would honestly use Bone China as you need to achieve a sense of that grandness of occasion that using all stoneware might not achieve and if your scheme is white and silver, then you need a bright white which is better achieved with bone china than stoneware. Lots of restaurants choose to mix the two materials throughout the course of a meal, so you will be bang on-trend. To keep that contemporary feel, use a rimless coupe Bone China plate.

For dessert, use a stoneware plate that has a textured glaze. It can make your dessert look really dramatic, even if it is really simple. The plate we have chosen is a dark-toned plate that will end the meal with a real flourish (Montgolfier Noir Obscur).

To complete your table setting, use bronze-coloured cutlery, foraged or bought fresh foliage (especially twigs which look amazing sprayed silver), Silver trimmings crisp white napkins finished with fresh Holly. Keep the glassware simple to retain that contemporary look.

Hue of Blue