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Our Inspire Me page is filled with the latest blog posts from our beloved Goodfellows at Home family, inspiration from our chefs and our favourite new trends
to immerse you in style, creative combinations and desire.

You’ll find tips on pairing textures and tones, which brands and items work perfectly together and how to take your presentation to a whole new level, creating something beautiful in your own home.

Welcome to a Park House Breakfast

Welcome to a weekend breakfast at Park House. The sun is shining and the whole family are home, so Dad’s cooked up each of our favourites, served on a beautiful mixture of plates and bowls that complement each other perfectly. The light tones and soft blue is perfectly suited to an early morning, dining alfresco. Come take a closer look...


The family Lunch

Casual social dining is so in right now and it’s so US. We love nothing more than a full table spread, so we’ve gone for a selection of textured dishes in earthy tones to compliment the bright and bold food, creating that homely tapas feel. Read more...


Dinner is Served

We go to great efforts to impress with our dinner parties, giving plenty of thought to the food served, the flowers on display and of course, the table setting. Detail is key and for us, it’s all about bringing something different to the table. From alternative place settings to asymmetrical arrangements, read our dinner blog for inspiration for your next dinner party...


Romantic Picnic

A romantic picnic is something special that calls for extra attention. We’ve used on old authentic suitcase, filled with a selection of our absolute favourite nibbles and served them on lots of small, sweet dishes for the most idyllic scene. Sandwiches tied with string, desserts in kilner jars are the perfect finishing touches.