We are all into Scandinavian design in some way or other.  And why not? It’s cool, it’s hip and ultra-modern; think clean lines and subtle colours.  When it comes to interior design, you just need to look at mega brand Ikea, who have completely influenced the way we decorate our homes. In fashion, H & M are the Nordic giants, who introduced modest, casual styles. In the restaurant world, we look to Noma, who are renowned for their simple style not only in food but also in restaurant design too.  The ‘Noma effect’ can still be seen today as restaurants try to replicate this Scandi-Cool look.

We appreciate the serious nature of Scandinavian design but also love its individuality. You can really let yourself loose on its new-found ‘Cool’ status. So what is the equivalent in tableware and how can you create this look at home?

Figgjo has long been one of our personal favourites, a Norwegian brand that has quiet confidence in its craft and which has waited for the rest of the world to catch up with them. It is also a brand favourite amongst chefs from around the world, including the Culinary Team of Norway. It is our honour to be able to offer Figgjo to you!

Whether you are a after a sleek, clean-cut Scandi or a moody, mysterious Scandi, Figgjo has it all. Here, we have mixed moody tones of Figgjo Pax with clean bright and clean Figgjo Base. Usually we wouldn’t mix Figgjo with anything else, however, we thought we would try something different and we think it works really well! We used Montgolfier Boreales in Grey and Prestige in Vert Bronze, just to add a bit of texture and to complement the sleekness of Figgjo. What do you think?

There is so much you can do with the Scandi-Cool look. Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix and match as you never know what will create that uber-trendy feel. You can shop this look below or head over to our Figgjo and Montgolfier pages and find your own Scandi-Cool.


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