Party in the Potting Shed

For us, warmer weather normally means Barbecue’s and breakfast in the courtyard, but this year we wanted to surprise our guests with something a little bit different.

The other week we were clearing out the Orangery (a hidden gem in the middle of our garden, secluded by trees and shrubbery) when it hit us – this space would be great for entertaining, with its big windows boasting views of the lush green garden.

We then started to visual the space filled with potted plants, old wooden barrels and wild foliage – our very own party in the potting shed!

So we filled our once neglected Orangery with old bits of wood, rotten barrels, stools and anything else we could find that looked a bit rusty and outdated.

We decorated the table with yoghurt painted potted herbs, draped clematis across the iron chairs and filled a Lisa Pitcher with cow parsley and honeysuckle.

Our menu was snacks and sharing food to complement the Pimms and lemonade cocktail, which we served in Wormwood Gallone pitchers and Timeless Highballs.


Costa Nova Notos was our go to for crockery, as this range was designed for sharing food; to be mix and matched. We served Oysters and Steak on Notos Square Plates and used Notos bowls for dips, nuts and crisps. We served Squid and Sun-Dried Tomatoes on Riviera leaf plates, which brought the table to life and provided a talking point and topped the barrels with Lagoa Metal Plates for Crudites. Another talking point were the metallic gold bowl and stand, which were perfect for our White Bait and Prawns.

You can have a lot of fun with this look; it’s unkempt and wild. It can easily be achieved with lots of plants and old bits of wood and by mixing your crockery and glassware, so it all looks a bit miss-matched and thrown together! 

Do you fancy partying amongst the potted plants? Go on, have some fun and shop our Potting Shed Party look below.

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