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Frog by Adam Handling

After opening as a temporary pop-up restaurant, the award winning Frog E1, has relocated to a new permanent site in Hoxton, newly known as The Frog Hoxton. The new site holds the Frog restaurant along with a zero-waste coffee shop and a large bar area that comfortably fits 100.

With Daniel Watkins as the executive chef, overseeing the food across all 3 venues, you know you’re in for a treat whether you opt for a 3 course meal of casual fine-dining, or tuck into the small plates in the bar.

With more room for diners, the restaurant will maintain the same feel as the Frog E1 but with the addition of more large sharing plates alongside the selection of tapas and tasting menus. As always with Daniel, great attention to detail is reflected in thoughtfully curated menus, beautifully cooked ingredients and perfectly plated dishes.

Renowned for his dedication to sourcing local produce, Daniel’s menus reflect the season’s flavours to create delicious, fresh and balanced dishes. An advocate of a balanced lifestyle, Daniel’s reputation for creating superb vegetarian dishes shine through the variety of The Frog dishes, alongside hearty meat dishes and indulgences like cheese donuts, ensuring there’s a selection to suit every palate.