Concept Design Service

We do things differently at G & G...

When it comes to working with you on projects, both big and small, we have an experienced and friendly Concept & Design team who are on hand to help. Are you a potential new customer that has just stumbled across our website or have we worked with you before and you need help with an exciting new venture? Whatever your story, this is just the beginning of your journey with us.   

We are happy to help with all sizes of projects, from hotel openings and refurbishments , to individual restaurants. Whatever your project entails, they all demand the same key elements, that we believe we bring to everything we work with - trust, knowledge, care and relevance.   


An Intriguing Process

We work with all groups of people involved in a project, the Food and Beverage team, the Purchasing team, the Restaurant Designers, the Brand Designers, the Executive Chefs, the Owners etc. We will use our brochures as a starting point for product selection. We then work through the look and feel of the room, from the furniture used to the menu.

Each person involved in a project brings something different to the table. for instance, the designers want to see their concept carried through in detail, whilst the chefs want to show off their food and the operations team want to know it will withstand the rigours of use, washing and storage. 

We understand that this is an intriguing process, trying to satisfy differing opinions and hitting budget. We have the knowledge to understand your needs and which products are relevant and will work best. 

We care enough and have the patience to make sure we hit the spot - it's not about the sale, its about achieving the best result for everyone. That comes through in the after-sales, which we pride on being second to none! 

On the other side, we have also worked closely with individual restaurateurs, where there may not be teams of people involved. However, in these cases we deal with the chef patron. We know this is your dream and we will be there with you every step of the way.





Welcome to our Playground

The interaction becomes more personal when you can see and feel the products for real. This is where our showroom comes into its own. We treat our displays and space like a playground. We encourage you to take things off the display and move them around - don't be afraid to get a bit touchy, feely, we won't judge! Instead, we will be watching your emotional and practical reactions to the products. 

We will then talk you through why one plate might work better than another and how it will relate to the rest of your menu choices. This is where our key elements come into force - trust, knowledge, care and relevance. 

We will use our experience to help and advise you on how you can avoid some of the pitfalls that we know may occur in the project process and how you can get the best solution for your budget.

Also, our ability to create bespoke items means that we can provide restaurants with a unique look that does not have to cost the earth, so in the end we are an intrinsic part of your personal history.


Heart & Soul

Overall, we love what we do and we have the experience, knowledge and patience to get you through any type of project.

We don't do things by the book. If you have worked with us before, then you will know we are different. We put our heart and soul into everything we do and we will be with you every step of the way.

Think you would like to work with us? Get in touch today and lets get this journey started.  


Our Design Service Steps

 We can work from Design briefs

Source and make unique products where required

Help put products together from different ranges

Advise on which products suit the functionality you need

Meet regularly with your team for progress and updates

Meet your deadline

Work to a budget

Project manage the process from design to unpack