We are just going to put it out there; we love green plates!

Green crockery is something you don’t see much of on the High Street, so it’s probably something you haven’t really considered before. Believe it or not, it is a really popular colour in hospitality, especially healthy cafe’s and vegan restaurants. Although it can be a bit of a wild card, trust is, green is a great colour for vibrant spring dishes and this is why you should be setting it at your table this season…

Firstly, there are so many variations of green. There’s vibrant greens, lime greens, goldy greens, bluey greens and moody greens, seriously the list goes on, so there is a shade for every taste. This variation is all down to how the glaze reacts to the plate, the process is so clever, like magic!

One of our personal favourites is Montgolfier Vert Bronze. This is a really warm green with hints of gold, which glisten in certain lighting. This is because the glaze is ‘reactive’, which means each piece is unique depending on how it reacts to the stoneware. Whenever we use Vert Bronze, it always end up being the star of the table! It also looks beautiful when mixed with Montgolfier Velours, as it enhances the golds – just stunning!



Secondly, green can be mix and matched with so many other colours! We love it with greys and white to create a Scandi look (see our Scandi-Cool feature here). Depending what you mix it with, it can really bring out the different tones of the green. It is the dark horse of colours.



And lastly, green represents health and vitality, so it works great with bright salads and vibrant curries – the perfect complement to spring dishes!

If like us, green crockery is your new obsession, but you are not sure where to start, we have selected our most-loved pieces over on our ‘Get the Look’ page! Also, we have just added Montgolfier Roots in Monsoon Green to our website to celebrate our Green Plate revolution – what do you think?



If you think green is too risky, then maybe go for a darker, tone-down shade, like vert Bronze. If bold and bright is your thing, we suggest Bonna Therapy. It is so vibrant and lively, it will really make a statement. Or if you can’t decide on bright or moody, go for the in-between with Figgjo Pax in Olive. This is a really cool green colour and looks superb when mixed with Pax Grey and Cream!

Who else loves green plates? Make your guests green with envy and shop this hot new trend over on our Get the Look page!

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