Poke bowl “The next generation of Sushi, but easier to eat”.

While this may seem like a new trend with poke shops popping up left, right and centre, this Hawaiian dish – typically enjoyed for lunch or dinner – has been around for centuries. Poke (pronounced “Poh-keh”) means ‘to slice or cut’ in Hawaiian and refers to cubed raw fish seasoned to your taste, essentially a raw fish salad.

A tactile eating experience, featuring a range of textures and colours, the poke bowl is made up of several elements which are often sectioned rather than mixed in together, making a vibrant array of colours side by side. A typical bowl might consist of rice, avocado, grated carrot, sliced radish, edamame beans and cubed tuna or salmon, then dressed with sesame seeds and a salty sauce. Visually stunning, refreshing and full of flavour, perhaps the most beautiful thing about the poke bowl is the fact they’re packed with nourishing foods to make this dish a healthy go-to.

If you’re trying your hand at a poke bowl, we recommend Bonna & F2D. Both ranges are finished with a reactive glaze meaning that each piece will differ slightly, we think this ties in nicely with the appeal of Poke bowls being customized to taste, but fundamentally all the same core.

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