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Delectable scents of pastry and spices waft tantalisingly through the air. The atmosphere is warm, welcoming with a tinge of anticipation. People are scurrying around, putting the finishing touches to their displays. These are just some of our first thoughts whilst waiting for the doors of Rockliffe Hall (a beautiful hotel and spa in Hurworth, just passed Darlington) to open and for their Artisan Food Fair to officially begin. Before the first flurry of visitors push their way into the hall, we take a moment to look around. There are... Read More

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Happy New Year! Our schedule for 2019 is jam-packed already and we love it! We don’t know about you, but we love having lots of business and social dates in our diary and having lots of exciting things to look forward to! One of the first major events that is happening at the beginning of the year is The Rockliffe Artisan Food Fayre! As soon as we found out that Rockliffe Hall were hosting a Food Fayre at is Festival of Food, we just had to get a stall!! In... Read More



You either love it or hate it. Yep that’s right, we are talking about Christmas pudding. This year, we are looking for an alternative to the traditional fruity pud. Every year, we have this as a dessert option, but hardly anyone goes for it (well, apart from Grandpa who loves his drowning in brandy sauce!) It’s more of a tradition than anything else, but we feel that this year, the good old pud is out, it’s just too rich and heavy after a two course meal. So we caught up... Read More



Personally, we start planning Christmas food from 1st October! With a family as complicated as ours, there are so many different tastes and eating events to think about; from drinks parties for friends and neighbours to the big event itself. My favourite though is not Christmas Day but Christmas Eve, when the sense of excitement and anticipation wafts through the house, carried on scents of Cinnamon, Ginger and fragrant candles. The simple joy of cooking the Christmas Eve meal through the years has filled the memories of our extended, sprawling... Read More



We are well and truly in the Christmas spirit here at Goodfellows at Home! So much so, that we thought we would spread the Christmas cheer by running a 12 day competition! Yes, you read that correctly, we will be giving away 12 prizes over 12 days! How exciting!! We have teamed up with the lovely Savour Magazine to bring you the 12 Days of Christmas Competition!! From December 1 to 12 head over to Savour’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page, as each day we will be giving you the... Read More


Pumpkin Stories

In case you haven’t noticed, pumpkins are everywhere! Not only can you literally buy them by the trolley-load from supermarkets (yes, we are guilty of this too!), but you can also go to a restaurant or café and indulge in pumpkin pies and even pumpkin spiced coffee!! We’ve even spotted food bloggers getting really creative and conjuring up things like pumpkin spiced porridge, cookies, smoothies, granola, even cocktails – everything! So why are pumpkins so popular?? Personally, we love them! We associate pumpkins with Autumn and Halloween. Every year, we... Read More


Hello Autumn!

Well hello there Autumn! Aren’t we pleased to see you? I mean, don’t get us wrong, we love Summer. The sun, the barbecues, the Al Fresco breakfasts, the beer gardens, but there comes a point when you are ready for a change. Not only in the weather but in food and the way you dine and socialise too. Autumn is probably our favourite time of year for produce. It’s just so vibrant, wholesome and healthy – think carrots, pumpkins, apples, mushrooms, figs, cauliflower…there is so much colour! And let’s not... Read More



We’re seeing stars and lots of them…it was the Michelin Guide 2019 awards last night for Great Britain and Ireland (1st October) and we were following along, keeping everything crossed for our Goodfellows at Home chefs! And it turned out to be a spectacular night, with many of our chefs being awarded or retaining their stars! Featuring in the Michelin Guide or being award a prestigious star is a pretty big deal for chefs and is normally one of the most important dates in their calendar. The Michelin Guide can... Read More


Poke bowl “The next generation of Sushi, but easier to eat”.

While this may seem like a new trend with poke shops popping up left, right and centre, this Hawaiian dish – typically enjoyed for lunch or dinner – has been around for centuries. Poke (pronounced “Poh-keh”) means ‘to slice or cut’ in Hawaiian and refers to cubed raw fish seasoned to your taste, essentially a raw fish salad. A tactile eating experience, featuring a range of textures and colours, the poke bowl is made up of several elements which are often sectioned rather than mixed in together, making a vibrant... Read More


Mark Heirs – Life as a Private Chef

Having grown up in the hospitality industry, working in the kitchens of his parent’s pubs, becoming a chef was the only career path Mark considered. After leaving catering college in Glasgow Mark honed his culinary skills in top restaurants such as Glasgow’s One Devonshire Gardens and Heston Blumenthal’s 3 Michelin starred Fat Duck. Mark then went on to make it to the final 16 of the first series of Masterchef the Professionals in 2008. Since then he’s spent time teaching in a cookery school and owned his own country restaurant.... Read More