If you love food and you love cooking then you need to plan a foodie road trip to Padstow in Cornwall and soon!

In case you haven’t heard, Paul Ainsworth and John Walton have recently launched Mahe, an intimate Cookery School and Chef’s Table.

Named after the place where Paul’s parents met and fell in love, you just know this place is going to be special, just like all of the Ainsworth family establishments in the area. You can read more about Paul here but we will give you a little round up of what he’s been up to…

Over the years Paul and his lovely wife Emma have been slowly but surely turning Padstow into a foodie haven. Whether its fine cuisine or something more relaxed you crave, Paul has it all covered, from his fine dining restaurant No.6 to his more casual establishments; Rojanos in the Square and The Mariners Pub. You can also experience the infamous Ainsworth hospitality at their boutique hotel, Padstow Townhouse.

And now they have introduced a Cookery School and Chef’s Table into the mix. Foodies rejoice, as this is the perfect opportunity to be taught by the best and in the most beautiful surroundings!

You will find Mahe conveniently located right next door to No.6. The doors open up onto an elegant, intimate space, with the kitchen of your dreams, boasting an array of high-tech gadgets, including voice activated televisions screens that catch all of the action! It is here where guests can discover how to create stunning dishes or enjoy a personal and unique experience at the chef’s table.

All of this is overseen by John, who has run the kitchen at No.6 for over 10 years and is Paul’s right-hand man. John first met Paul whilst they were both working at Petrus at The Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge and joined Paul to help with his Padstow project back in 2009. He hasn’t looked back since and we don’t blame him! You can find out more about John here.

So what can you expect from the cookery school? It’s intimate, it’s relaxed and you can learn how to cook up No.6 classics as well as family favourites. From mastering the art of pasta-making to travelling the world with colourful and eclectic flavours – there is something for everyone.

We are delighted to have been a part of the opening of Mahe, as their sponsors. We followed the journey from start to finish and we can honestly reveal that there has been a lot of passion and personal touches put into this cookery school and chef’s table. It is like nothing else out there.

Check out our Mahe’s page here and start planning your next foodie adventure. You can also shop all the kit used at the school here.

Photography by Andrew Callaghan

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