Well hello there Spring! Today marks the first day of Spring (20th March). We wave good bye to the grey winter and welcome a fresh new season with open arms.

There is always something so refreshing about the start of a new season, especially spring. Rhubarb, asparagus and spring greens come into season, which means dishes burst with colour. In the home, people start their ‘big spring clean’, we have already started this at Park House, which always ends up being like a military operation! Although it hard work, it is so satisfying to have a good clear out and start anew.

Like fashion, tableware changes with the season too. Autumn/Winter was all about mystic metallics and earthy tones. Things start to refresh up for Spring. With such colourful produce coming into season, you want a canvas that will enhance the beauty of these ingredients. We are putting away our earthy tones for now and are using Costa Nova Beja.

Beja is such a simple, beautiful collection but perfect if you want to introduce a touch of colour to your tableware. The blue rim adds acts as a subtle frame, while the simplicity of the design allows your dish to take centre stage. Browse and show our Costa Nova Beja collection here and freshen up your tableware look for spring.

We aren’t quite ready to wave goodbye to metallic plates just yet. We believe this is a trend that can be worked into every season. However, instead of it being the main focus, we will being using metallic platters for cheese, meats and breads, so it adds a bit of shine to the table. Browse and shop our Costa Nova Lagoa collection here.

We would love to see what you are cooking up for Spring! Get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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