Hello Autumn!

Well hello there Autumn! Aren’t we pleased to see you? I mean, don’t get us wrong, we love Summer. The sun, the barbecues, the Al Fresco breakfasts, the beer gardens, but there comes a point when you are ready for a change. Not only in the weather but in food and the way you dine and socialise too.

Autumn is probably our favourite time of year for produce. It’s just so vibrant, wholesome and healthy – think carrots, pumpkins, apples, mushrooms, figs, cauliflower…there is so much colour! And let’s not forget its Game season here in the UK too. Game has a really unique ‘earthy’ taste, so it is great to use if you want to experiment with different flavours.

It is also the season of the spice, with cinnamon, turmeric and ginger bringing extra warmth to your dishes. See, what’s not to love!


Looking for the perfect Autumn recipe for your next dinner party? Our chefs are on hand with their amazing recipes that will certainly wow!

Try James McKenzie’s Venison Tartare with Haggis Scotch egg, damson, juniper and sole gin jam. Yeah, we had a feeling the ‘gin jam’ part of this recipe would spark your interest! FYI – it is amazing and is a great addition to the dish!!

Sick of Pumpkin soup? Paul Hood’s Pumpkin Crème Brulee is a very different way of using pumpkins. This dish will surely impress!

Mushrooms are always a winner this time of year and go beautifully with beef. Try Adam Handling’s Beef Heel, Barley, Mushrooms, Sorrell and Sorrell Puree.

As we mentioned above, its Game season. Mark Heirs shows you how to cook it perfectly with his Roe Deer, Cauliflower and Sultana recipe.


With all these new autumn recipes, you will need crockery that will really make them pop! This is another reason why we love autumn, because the food is so colourful, you can get really creative with your plating!

Pumpkin and carrot dishes in particular look amazing against a black or dark canvas, so go for black or dark grey plates. We love Costa Nova Riviera and Les Guimards Basic in Grey. And let’s not forget the glassware. We Love the Wormwood Presidente glass, which really jazzes up our ginger spiced gin! For the cutlery, Mepra Bronzo will complement your dark plates perfectly.

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