As we are all aware, the Coronavirus pandemic is continuing to develop day-by-day and each of us are in a state of uncertainty at what the future looks like for our jobs, businesses and everyday life, which right now is the furthest from normal that the majority of us will have ever experienced.

After the announcement of lock-down on Monday 23rd March, where pubs, restaurants, hotels, cafes, schools and places of work were all told to close, there has been an incredible increase of our community coming together on social media sharing ways to stay creative, motivated and positive throughout isolation, but where do you start?

The uplift in online shopping, home-schooling activities, home-office supplies, sportswear and workout equipment and recipes and cooking tutorials is a sign that we all want to make this period of uncertainty as productive as possible. This blog is certainly somewhat different to what we would usually post, but in these times where ‘the usual’ and ‘the normal’ are out of the window, whilst we keep going promoting our chefs who are doing things from home and supplying products to consumers who are cooking more at home, we want to offer you a place to find helpful and constructive information to better serve you get through this as healthy and as optimistic as possible.

With children off school and unable to play outside with their friends but still want to stay active, Joe Wicks, famous for being ‘The Body Coach’ has filmed a series of videos called ‘P.E With Joe’ for children to follow which brings physical education to the home.

Jason Atherton is filming ‘Social Isolation Kitchen’ videos on IG TV over on Instagram so you can follow his steps at home in your own kitchen with the same ingredients; we have also partnered up with him on this so you can shop all the crockery he uses at

Jamie Oliver’s TV series ‘Keep Cooking and Carry On’ on Channel 4 is highlighting delicious and basic recipes to create at home to keep your meal exciting but also not too complex!

Popular blog and online magazine ‘Bon Appetit’ has created a section on ‘Cooking at Home in the Time of Coronavirus’ sharing recipes and cooking resources to help get us through, including 89 recipes with 5 ingredients or less, 37 recipes that freeze well, 97 batch-cooking recipes and many more to keep you busy.

Spring has arrived and the sun is shining so The Skinny Jean Gardener is filming Facebook Live’s to show you and your kids how to make gardening fun along with other kids activities and what materials you will need for his tasks he lists on his Twitter in advance.

There are many YouTube videos dedicated to Yoga, Pilates and HIIT exercises to keep you healthy and active along with many Apps which can help with mindfulness and mental health throughout isolation: Calm, Headspace and Aura are just a few of the many Apps out there.

Most importantly during this time of isolation, utilise calls and FaceTime to stay in-touch with friends, family and work colleagues to remain connected and e-social.

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