You either love it or hate it. Yep that’s right, we are talking about Christmas pudding. This year, we are looking for an alternative to the traditional fruity pud. Every year, we have this as a dessert option, but hardly anyone goes for it (well, apart from Grandpa who loves his drowning in brandy sauce!) It’s more of a tradition than anything else, but we feel that this year, the good old pud is out, it’s just too rich and heavy after a two course meal. So we caught up with our chefs to see what they are serving for dessert at home this Christmas, to see if we can pinch any of their ideas!

Private Chef Mark Heirs shares with us his love of blood oranges, “each year, I get so excited about blood oranges, I use them in so many of my dishes! With the season starting in late November, it means it is perfect timing for a Christmas day dish! Christmas day, if I’m not working Christmas, always means a lot of rich food, so when it comes to dessert, everyone normally struggles to eat another bite, so a lighter dessert with plenty of sharpness from the blood orange is always a crowd pleaser in my house. Here’s my recipe for my Blood Orange and Crowdie dessert, enjoy!”

A refreshing twist on a Christmas dessert, we love the idea of the blood orange bringing freshness and zing to a dish! Just what you need after lots of rich food, thanks Mark!

Pastry Professor, Simon Jenkins reveals what sweet treats he has up his chef sleeves, “I love Koughlof (a yeast based cake which is normally baked in a bundt mold to give it its distinct shape) in general but especially around this time of year! It is such a festive treat! To make it extra festive, I lightly spice mine with a lovely citrus sugar glaze. This tastes fantastic with a cup of tea, the perfect treat! Find my recipe for my Spiced Kouglaf here.

We think this would make a fabulous Christmas Eve treat, to go with other sweet and savoury nibbles, thanks Simon!

Chef Owner Adam Handling is also experimenting with the flavours of orange this season too, with his Chocolate Orange Tarte, “this cake is all about chocolate orange. The chocolate with the rock salt really counterbalances the flavour of the orange. Find my Chocolate Orange Torte here.

Chocolate and orange, that’s a win-win for us! Cheers Adam.

Family man and Chef Owner James Mackenzie tells us how it’s all about what the kids want this Christmas, “I normally stay with the classics for starters and main, serving up traditional turkey, goose or duck with all the trimmings! However, as requested by my young family, the traditional Christmas pudding will be replaced with a chocolatey dessert. Recreate my restaurant classic at home, here’s my White Chocolate and Cranberry Bread and Butter Pudding recipe here.”

Sounds amazing and we love white chocolate and cranberry, a fantastic combination! Thanks James, we just know your young family will love this!

Taking advice from our chefs, we think we are going to go for a chocolate and orange dessert – something light and zesty that will be the talk of the table and a real show stopper! Although, it will take some convincing Grandpa (maybe we can serve him a mini Christmas pud with a jug of his favourite Brandy sauce!)

For the tableware, we are going to go for a hue of blue, to really bring out the orange colour. Check out our earlier blog for more tableware ideas.

What’s your favourite dessert idea from our chefs? Whats your thoughts on Christmas pudding – do you love or hate it? We would love to know what you are cooking this Christmas – chat to us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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